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Religion is the foundation of our school and is an integral part of our curriculum.  All students participate in the religious life of the school while students of the Catholic Faith are instructed in the sacraments of Reconciliation (Year Two), Confirmation and First Eucharist (Year Three). The Sacramental programs are very much Parish and family orientated with the school supporting the preparation process. The opportunity to celebrate Church Feast Days and other times of significance is given regularly to students. Family members are encouraged to join students and staff for all celebrations, class Masses and Liturgies, school Masses and school assemblies.

Our school shares in the mission of the Church which is based on a rich heritage of culture and tradition.  We provide a comprehensive Religious Education Program based on the Archdiocesan curriculum framework, ‘GOOD NEWS FOR LIVING’ .  We encourage a growth in faith in our students through activities such as regular prayer and involvement in Liturgy.


All Key Learning Areas are taught at St Joseph’s Catholic School. The school refers to the Australian Curriculum in order to frame our school's scope and sequence in subjects that include English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Languages and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Aboriginal Education is incorporated into the  school curriculum from Kindergarten to Year Six. Family Life Programs on personal relationships are conducted by Centacare Family Services and are presented on a two year cycle.

Learning and Teaching at St Joseph’s School aims to:

  • Guide each student in his/her discovery of a Christian way of living within the family of God.
  • Help each student attain an acceptable standard in basic subjects commensurate with his/her capabilities and stage of development.
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Provide equity and equal opportunity for all students.
  • Provide a well-balanced curriculum which acknowledges and addresses the needs of students in a climate of social, cultural and technological change.
  • Develop self confidence, self esteem and respect for others.
  • Encourage students to learn cooperatively and to maintain a positive attitude towards learning.

Staff at St Joseph's Catholic School Queenstown meet regularly with colleagues in other schools to moderate student work samples and are involved in comprehensive professional learning in a variety of areas associated with learning and teaching.



Programs are conducted at St Joseph’s Catholic School to provide identified students with extra support in the areas of numeracy and literacy.  Class teachers may refer students to the Education Support Teacher for assessment and assistance.  New students, after a settling in period,  may undertake screening tests administered by the Education Support Teacher to ascertain capabilities. 

Identified students are given the opportunity to work one on one or in small groups with support teaching staff.  Educational support teachers work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that all students have fair and equal access to all curriculum areas. 

Parents will be informed of student’s inclusion in support programs.  Any parental concerns regarding educational support may be addressed at any time by contacting the class teacher, Educational Support Teacher or the Principal.


Sports lessons, which are timetabled for each class once a week and daily physical activity, aim to improve fitness and coordination, to introduce as many skills as possible and to encourage a sporting attitude, enjoyment and self-esteem. Our school proudly states that we were the first Catholic school in Tasmania to be awarded, 'Move Well, Eat Well' status and these principles are incorporated into our whole-school routines.

Students participate in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Fun Days.  As part of the PE Program, students from Prep to Year Six  are usually involved in a one week swimming program.  Teams of students from Grades 3 to 6 are selected to represent St Joseph’s at swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals at Catholic primary school carnivals in the North West region.Our school is extremely well represented in regional and state basketball tournaments.

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