Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

For all in our St Joseph’s Catholic School community to consistently live the school motto of courtesy and consideration as we build a nurturing, forward thinking Catholic learning community with a focus on excellence in all our endeavours.

Mission Statement

  • St Joseph’s Catholic School will live its important role as a Catholic Primary School founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the charism of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. This will be reflected in the respect and care shown for each person within our school community.
  • St Joseph’s Catholic School will be a welcoming learning community in which students, teachers and parents collaborate to provide an environment where the worth and dignity of each person is acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated and where each student may grow and develop to their full potential in an atmosphere of love, belonging and security.
  • As members of a formative learning community, teachers, working with parents, the primary educators of the children, will complement and extend the development of the whole child to meet spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs.
  • The promotion of life-long learning for all will be at the heart of our community. We aim to equip our students with the understanding, skills and knowledge necessary to make learning desirable and achievable now and in the future. 

St Joseph’s Catholic School is committed to ongoing growth and betterment to ensure that the school maintains the position of educator of choice within the wider community.